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Cash Dollar
Each Order of US$50 or above, can earn Cash Dollar: 1% of the Goods Total.
Each Order of US$100 or above, can earn Cash Dollar: 2% of the Goods Total.
Each Order of US$150 or above, can earn Cash Dollar: 3% of the Goods Total.
Each Order of US$200 or above, can earn Cash Dollar: 4% of the Goods Total.
Each Order of US$250 or above, can earn Cash Dollar: 5% of the Goods Total.
For Example, Goods Total US$163, you can earn cash Dollar US$4.89
  • Cash Dollar is applicable to all goods listed on
  • Cash Dollar will be deposited to your account after the order was shipped. You can check the Cash Dollar by log-in your account.
  • Cash Dollar can be used with your next order or choose to keep at your account (no expiry date).
  • Cash Dollar cannot be refunded.
Updated: 1Jan2015
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