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EagleCals Decal EC#14 Doras of the Galland Circus (Fw190D-9/D-11)

EagleCals Decal EC#14 Doras of the Galland Circus (Fw190D-9/D-11)
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Based on the book Fw190 Doras Vol. Two by Jerry Crandall. Full color instructions include top, bottom and scrap views in addition to the profiles of the aircraft.
  • “Red 1” Fw190D-9 Lt. Heinz Sachsenberg
  • “Red 13” Fw190D-9 Oblt. Klaus Faber
  • “Red 3” Fw190D-9 Hptm. Waldemar Wübke
  • “Red 4” Fw190D-11 Lt. Karl-Heinz Hofmann
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