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Tamiya 31460 1/700 Japanese Destroyer Shimakaze (島風) [November 1944]

Tamiya 31460 1/700 Japanese Destroyer Shimakaze (島風) [November 1944]
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Code: TAM-31460

  • one of the fastest destroyers in WWII: ~40 knots.
  • 6 x 12.7 cm(5 in) Type 3 dual-purpose guns
  • The only Japanese destroyer to be armed with 15 torpedo tubes, firing 61cm (24 in) Type 93 "Long Lance" torpedo.
  • In June 1943, Shimakaze evacuated Japanese troops from Kiska Island (Aleutian Islands campaign).
  • In June 1944, participated in the Battle of the Philippine Sea.
  • In October 1944, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, Shimakaze rescued the survivors from the sunken battleship Musashi(武蔵).
  • On 11 November 1944, during the Battle of Ormoc Bay, Shimakaze was attacked and sunk by American aircraft from Task Force 38.
Size/Weight: 29 x 11 x 3 cm / 120g
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